Dodge Black Fitted Real Leather Biker Jacket Men’s/Gloria Leather

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  • 100% real lambskin leather
  • Front zipper closure
  • Two chest pockets
  • Two side waist pockets
  • Soft viscose lining
  • Lightweight
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Dodge Black Fitted Real Leather Biker Jacket Men’s/Gloria Leather

This black leather biker jacket for men is a classic style piece of Americana. It can be regarded as a modern classic that is timeless in both its application and design.

It can be considered a fashion statement for those who believe that freedom of movement is a fundamental right of citizenship. This is because you are not confined to any particular place when you go out biking.

The real lambskin leather jacket has been designed to keep in view all the necessary features required for long hours of biking in any weather condition. This classically styled jacket is made from high-quality fabrics, which provide durable protection to your skin against all kinds of harmful elements.

The classic design and the comfort level of the black leather biker jacket make it a great option to wear formal wear during corporate meetings and conferences. As it has a smooth and soft fabric, this jacket will not irritate your skin. The smooth, natural fabric comprises 100% pure viscose lining, which offers a soft and comfortable feel to your skin. Moreover, this jacket material also provides the wearer full mobility, enabling him to move around quickly and avoid getting trapped in any binds. The black fitted leather jacket comes with a stand collar and zipper in the front and the back, and two zipper chest pockets with side waist zipper pockets.

When purchasing this leather biker jacket for men, it is important to select the correct size as different sizes tend to look very different. It is advisable to buy the right size as the jacket’s fit tends to be more perfect on those who have more oversized body frames. However, if you are a small frame or petite, the real leather fabric will be too tight for you may find yourself unable to move quickly.


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