Creative Cedar Designs Cedar Cottage Wooden Swing Set

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About this item

  • Easily unclip existing swings to replace with a baby swing, saucer swing, or other desired attachments
  • We recommend no more than 150 lbs on each swing, and no more than 115 lbs on the trapeze. We offer Heavy Duty swings, trapezes, and hangers for separate purchase if your child needs additional support
  • Featuring vinyl coated chains on the swings and trapeze, little fingers won’t be pinched by the sturdy chains
  • Made from quality materials and decay resistant wood, the iron hardware will not rust or break
  • The Cedar Cottage Swingset is intended for 3-10-year-old children in a Residential setting only.

  • Product Description

    Cedar Cottage Wooden Swingset

    Cedar Cottage Complete Wooden Playset

    Ready-to-Assemble Kit has 8 different Activities for unlimited imaginative play!


    swingset with steering wheel

    swingset with yellow slide

    swingset with rock climbing wall

    Swingset with picnic table

    Swingset Fort

    Play Tower with Steering Wheel is the perfect place to sail to distant lands


    Feel the Wind in your Hair as you Race down the slide

    Rock Climbing Wall

    Build strong arms while going on a Rock Climbing Adventure!

    Picnic Table

    A great place for a picnic, tea party, or crafts

    Cedar Cottage swingset
    Outdoor Wooden Playsets from Creative Cedar Designs

    Designed for small backyards, the Cedar Cottage complete wooden playset by Creative Cedar Designs only takes up a 13.5 ft wide x 11.5 ft deep footprint in your backyard. Inspired by a cute country cottage, this wooden playset features charming details like a windowpane lookout to welcome visitors from the 4 ft. tower. The tarp roof and awning cover the tower as well as shade the picnic table down below for a cool, comfortable tea party or picnic. Create sandcastles galore beneath the tower, and steer a racecar or ship with the heavy duty steering wheel up above! Jet down the slide to feel the wind in your hair, and race one another on the swings. Flip like a circus performer on the trapeze and scale the rock climbing wall like an explorer! The Cedar Cottage Wooden Playset includes all wood, hardware, accessories, and instructions necessary for assembly.


    • Small Footprint Playset
    • Rock Climbing Wall w/ Heavy Duty Rocks
    • Ring Trapeze holds up to 115 lbs
    • 2 Belt Swings hold up to 150 lbs. each
    • Sandbox
    • Picnic Table
    • Speed Slide
    • All Hardware & Lumber for Installation
    Kids wooden swingset

    Endless Outdoor Entertainment

    For 3-10 year old’s in a Residential Setting.

    swingset with windows

    swings on swingset

    swingset with sandbox and picnic table

    Vinyl Cottage Windows

    Inspired by a cute country cottage, this wooden playset features charming details like a windowpane lookout to welcome visitors from the 4 ft. tower.

    Kids Trapeze & 2 Belt Swings

    Race to see who goes the fastest!


    Search for buried treasure while learning sharing & collaboration

Brand Creative Cedar Designs
Material Wood, Cedar
Item Weight 300 Pounds
Frame Material Wood
Maximum Weight Recommendation 500 Pounds


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