Arrow 6×5 Woodridge Metal Storage Shed Kit


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The Arrow 6×5 Woodridge metal shed is a great looking two tone shed with woodgrain doors and wall panels with coffee brown trim. It offers double wide sliding doors and easy to assemble pre-cut parts. Constructed of hot dipped galvanized steel with a double baked on polyester enamel finish. Add attractive storage space to your yard with our wood-grain Woodridge steel storage building. The Woodridge 6×5 shed offers an economical storage solution for your tools, grill, lawn mower, patio furniture and more. *flooring not included – add optional floor framing kit below


Material of Construction: hot dipped electro galvanized steel for superior corrosion resistance
Do-it-yourself easy assembly: pre-cut and pre-drilled parts
Sliding door entry: pad lockable double wide sliding doors for easy entry and exit
Sloped gable steel roof: provides easy rain and snow drainage
Tall walls: increased head room (71.3″)
Appealing aesthetics: simulated horizontal siding with woodgrain and coffee colors


Model: WR65
Nominal Size: 6’W x 5’D
Colors: Two tone woodgrain with coffee brown trim
Storage Area: 27 Sq Ft / 167 Cu Ft
Recommended Foundation Size: 74″W x 57″D
Exterior Dimensions: 76.25″W x 59.5″D x 79.13″H
Interior Dimensions: 71.25″W x 54.25″D x 77.88″H
Door Measurements: 32″W x 69.25″H
Wall Height: 71.25″H
Gable Height: 6″H
Building Weight: 122 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 75.13″L x 32.75″W x 3.63″D
Warranty: 12 Year Limited Warranty!
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Electro-Galvanized Steel

  • Full mid-wall bracing
  • 100% galvanized steel
  • Double baked-on polyester enamel finish
  • Heavy duty, hot-dipped galvanized steel frame parts

Arrow Woodridge Shed Features Two Tone Style, Lockable Sliding Doors & Galvanized Steel



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