Arrow 6×3 Garbage Can Storage Shed Kit


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The Arrow 6×3 Storboss Garbage Can Storage Shed is a great multi-purpose and attractive solution to store trash cans, recycle bins, compost or many other items like bicycles, patio furniture cushions, sports gear and more! This shed works great on patios, decks, garages or many other areas. The compact 6′ x 3′ size is easy to place and fit in almost any area. Extra wide double swing doors are pad lockable and provide easy access to stored items. The top roof of the shed also opens and has assisted lifts to allow you easy opening & closing. The roof design is also sloped to allow the water and snow to easily run off and drain. Constructed with the highest quality, durable galvanized steel materials. The Storboss Garbage Can Shed fits most 96 gallon size trash cans and comes in a great looking charcoal color.


  • CONVENIENT STORAGE – The 6×3 footprint and slanted roof design is great for almost any area like patios, decks, walkways, inside your garage or on the side of your house.
  • EASY ACCESS – fast and easy access to trash cans, recycle bins, bicycles, patio cushions and more! Two pad lockable swing open doors allow you to move large items in and out of the shed. A roof that opens with lift assistance gives you even more room!
  • DURABLE MATERIALS AND RELIABLE – Built with galvanized steel, this horizontal shed offers lasting protection from corrosion and rust from weather.
  • VENTILATION – Air Vents both sides of the shed allow for proper air flow to keep items from getting over heated and keep trash from smelling when you open the doors.
  • GARBAGE CAN AND RECYCLE BIN STORAGE – The Storboss horizontal metal shed easily fits most 96 gallon trash cans and recycle bins.


Model: STB63CC
Style: Horizontal with Sloped Roof

Material: Galvanized Steel
Color: Charcoal
Rounded Dimensions: 6’W x 3’D x 4′ 3″H
Assembly Required: Yes, we recommend 2 people
Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 67.6″W x 39.4″D x 52.5″H (5′ 7″W x 3′ 3″D x 4′ 4″H)
Foundation Dimensions: 67.6″W x 39.4″D
Door / Entrance: 57.7″W x 48.7″H
Wall Height: 52.5″H front / 44.5″H back
Warranty: 10 year Limited
Waterproof: No
Shipping Weight: 87 lbs
Number of Boxes: 1

Easy Access With Swing Open Doors and Top Access with Lift Assist!

Easy Access With Swing Open Doors and Top Access with Lift Assist!

Arrow 6×3 Garbage Can Shed Measurements Diagram

Arrow 6x3 Garbage Can Shed Measurements DiagramArrow 6x3 Garbage Can Shed Measurements Diagram


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